Language Access

Language is important. At Washington Healthplanfinder, we choose our words purposefully. From plain talk to translated materials, we care about how we communicate.

Plain Talk

We want the language we use to be clear and easy to understand. To achieve this, we use plain talk in our website, emails, and other notices. Plain talk avoids jargon and keeps messages short and easy to read. Even though health coverage can be confusing, plain talk helps us keep our content as simple as possible.

Inclusive Language

Inclusivity is part of our mission. We think the words we use should reflect this. To us, this means putting the diverse people of Washington first when we write. We all have different experiences, and words affect us all differently. By keeping this in mind, we do our best to only use language that affirms and includes.


Washington is made up of amazing people who speak a variety of languages. That is why we translate our print and digital content. Washington Healthplanfinder is available in English and Spanish via the link at the top of the page.

The translations we offer extend beyond this website, though. Most of our written materials have been translated into the most spoken languages in Washington. We can provide materials in additional languages upon request.

We also offer phone support in more than 200 languages and chat support in English and Spanish.

Learn more about getting language support.