Washington Healthplanfinder is operated by Washington Health Benefit Exchange. The Exchange does its best to foster a space that invites people of all experiences. Our goal is that this website does, too.

Nondiscrimination in Practice

We think Washington Healthplanfinder should consider every person’s experience. We want people who use our site to feel welcome and supported. Health insurance is hard enough without things getting in the way of enrollment. We want to make it simple for you to do so.

Over the years, we have worked to make this site welcoming to everyone. We provide translations for those who speak languages other than English. We wordsmith our materials to use language that affirms everyone. We rework this site for those who use assistive technology.

Continual Improvement

The Exchange continually works to improve this site. For all the work we have done, there are more improvements to make. We gather feedback and research how Washington Healthplanfinder is working for its many users. This informs the projects we take on and the methods we use to complete them.

Compliance with Nondiscrimination Law

Washington Health Benefit Exchange follows and supports all nondiscrimination laws. Our official notice of nondiscrimination can be found on our company website in a variety of languages. There you can also find the contact information of our Equal Access Coordinator if you have any feedback for us.

Read our official Notice of Nondiscrimination