About Us

What is Washington Healthplanfinder?

Washington Healthplanfinder is the place to shop for a health plan in Washington. We offer plans and savings you cannot get elsewhere, like Washington Apple Health (Medicaid), Cascade Care and Cascade Care Savings. If you live in Washington, you can apply for coverage through us.

What is the Affordable Care Act?

With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, Washington created Washington Healthplanfinder. The goal of the ACA is to make health care cost less. More people than ever can get a health plan for little or no cost. Your situation may qualify you for Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) or benefits that reduce the amount you pay for coverage.

Washington Healthplanfinder’s Mission

Washington Healthplanfinder seeks to improve how the people of Washington find and keep health coverage. We do this by providing easy-to-use tools and savings you can only find through us. Our values of equity, integrity and respect inform all that we do.

Washington Healthplanfinder’s Equity Statement

Equity is fundamental to the mission of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange. The process of advancing toward equity and becoming anti-racist is disruptive and demands vigilance to dismantle deeply entrenched systems of privilege and oppression. While systemic racism is a root cause of many societal inequities, we must also use an intersectional approach to address all forms of bias and oppression, which interact with and often exacerbate racial inequities.

To be successful, we must recognize the socioeconomic drivers of health and focus on people and places where needs are greatest. As we listen to community, we must hold ourselves accountable to responding to recommendations to remedy inequitable policies, systems, or practices within the Exchange’s area of influence.

Our goal is that all Washingtonians have full and equal access to opportunities, power and resources to achieve their full potential.

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