1095 Tax Forms

If you use Washington Healthplanfinder, you may get a 1095 form at tax time. These tax forms track the financial support you received in the last year. Your 1095 form can come in handy when you file your taxes.

What Is a 1095-A Tax Form?

You will get a 1095-A form every year you are enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan. This form shows how much financial support was applied to your plan the year before. You will get a 1095-A for each plan you were enrolled in. Tax forms are sent in late January.

Your 1095-A form is needed to complete Form 8962 on your federal income tax return. You must file a federal income tax return with Form 8962 if you used tax credits to lower your health plan’s premium. If you do not you may lose your tax credits or have to pay some of them back. 

Customers enrolled in a catastrophic health plan will not get a 1095-A. If you have Washington Apple Health (Medicaid), you will get a 1095-B instead.

How Do I Find My 1095-A?

You can find your 1095-A in your account following the steps below.

You can also find your 1095-A on the WAPlanfinder app.


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Mail Notifications

Sign up for mail notifications to get a paper copy of your 1095-A. Otherwise, a digital copy will be available in your Washington Healthplanfinder account.


Trouble Viewing Online

If you have trouble viewing your 1095-A online, try these things:

  • Update your browser
  • Clear your browser’s cache
  • Use a different browser (for example, Chrome)

I Have My 1095-A. How Do I Use It?

Use your 1095-A to complete IRS Form 8962. IRS Form 8962 tracks the amount of tax credits you received each year. You need to file with this form if you used tax credits the year before, even if you did not have income. If you get tax credits and do not file a tax return, you can lose your tax credits.

You can also use Form 8962 to claim tax credits as a lump sum.

When you file your tax return, you must use IRS Form 1040, 1040A or 1040NR. Contact a tax professional, broker, your local library or the IRS with tax questions.

Important: You may lose your tax credits if you file your taxes late or incorrectly.

What Is a 1095-B Tax Form?

The 1095-B form shows that you were enrolled in Washington Apple Health (Medicaid). You must have been enrolled for one or more months of the last tax year to get one. Your 1095-B will list all household members that were enrolled in Apple Health.

You do not need a 1095-B to file your taxes. You do not need to return it to the Washington Health Care Authority.

How Do I Find My 1095-B?

You can find your 1095-B in your account following the steps below.

Create an account if you do not have one to view your 1095-B form.

You can also request your 1095-B from the Washington Health Care Authority online or over the phone.

  • Use the Apple Health contact form. (Click “Client” and select “1095-B” from the drop-down menu.)
  • Call the Medical Assistance Customer Service Center at 1-800-562-3022.

Learn more about 1095-B forms on the Washington Health Care Authority’s website.

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The IRS provides tools you can use to file your taxes at no cost.


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