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Some household members may qualify for Washington Apple Health (Medicaid). They can choose to have Apple Health coverage even if others do not.

Similarly, some household members may enroll in a Silver-level Cascade Care plan. This coverage and any savings would be unique to them.

Often, losing your job qualifies you for special enrollment. This is a period of time you can sign up for a new heath plan. You must apply for a special enrollment period within 60 days of losing your job.

The kind of coverage you can get depends on your situation, but most people who lose income will qualify for higher levels of financial support. Update your account with your new information to see what you qualify for.


Washington Apple Health (Medicaid)

When you lose your job, you may become eligible for Apple Health.  Apple Health is free or low-cost coverage for those who qualify.


Cascade Care Plans with Cascade Care Savings

You may not qualify for Apple Health. If this is the case, you can still qualify for new plans and savings, like Cascade Care.

Tax credits and Cascade Care Savings reduce the cost of your monthly premium. Since these savings are based on income, you may qualify for more savings after losing your job.


Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits count towards your household income. Keep your account updated with any unemployment income to make sure your eligibility is correct. 

A household member is anyone you include when you file your taxes.

Your household should include:

  • You
  • Your spouse (if you are married)
  • Children you provide for that live with you
  • Others you include on your tax return

Make sure you add all household members to your Washington Healthplanfinder account. This includes anyone who is not seeking coverage. The size and income of your household affect the amount of savings you can get.

Anyone who lives with you but files taxes on their own will need to apply separately.