Accessibility and Inclusion

We want to connect all the people of Washington with the care they need. That is why we aim to make our content, tools and communications easy to access for everyone. 

Web Design

We want Washington Healthplanfinder to be easy to use. In service of this goal, we design our digital content using approved accessibility standards. These standards and our design team’s know-how make sure that all users can navigate our content with ease.

Language Support

You have a right to information in your language. This is why we provide support in more than 200 languages. You can ask for an interpreter by phone, find support in your area by language or request translated materials. These services are free to you.

Plain Talk and Inclusive Language

It is important to us that the language we use is clear, concise and easy to understand. To achieve this, we use plain talk on our website, in emails and in other notices. Plain talk avoids jargon and keeps messages short and easy to read. Even though health coverage can be confusing, plain talk helps us keep our content simple.

We also want the language we use to be inclusive. To the best of our ability, we consider everyone’s experience when we choose our words.


Upon request, we provide materials in other formats. Let us know how we can best communicate with you.

You can request these resources at no cost:

  • Large print and braille communications
  • Translated materials
  • Relay services, email or TTY
  • Qualified interpreters, including a sign language interpreter